Virtual Nature 360° - 5.7K Nature Meditation for Oculus Quest

6,345,084 20 May 2017
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Relax with a virtual 360° VR nature journey to waterfalls and beaches from Tasmania, Australia, the Grand Canyon and beyond. WATCH IN 5.7K!

Made for Oculus Quest from

A 360° celebration of nature at its finest! Filmed professionally in 5.7K. Take a relaxing journey through pristine Tasmanian waterfalls, swim through an underwater cave off the coast of Africa, and stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Immersive yourself in a timeless world and be swept away by the natural sounds and gentle guitar.

Tips: Playback at max 5.7K resolution, get your best headphones ready and dive in!! Designed for VR, headset recommended for best 360° viewing! Extended 3D version coming soon!

After 2 years of self-funded existence and countless hours of video stitching, camera fails and mosquito bites, ECOVR is evolving from after hours passion project to sustainable entity. Our mission is to create uplifting virtual nature experiences to enrich the lives of those who are unable to connect with nature in traditional ways. If you enjoy this film and would like to experience more nature, show your support by sharing this video, like our Facebook page and please subscribe to the ECOVR Youtube channel.

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