Sonic Animation - SONIC THE HEDGEHOG BATTLE 360° VR- SFM Animation (Sonic Animation)

33,794,895 16 June 2016
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Special thanks to HyperchaotixFox, RatchetMario, Shadow759, Mike Darklighter, SPD64, and Faina Lotea!

Kosumo 4.0 Designed by Justin Leggs of TV16Bit fame:

Thumbnail by Mike Darklighter:

Tails & Amy Rose: Leah Astore
Knuckles - Mike Sass
Sonic - Jim Sass
Mecha Sonic - Michael Curran

Thank you to the following for supplying all of the models/IK rigs:

Sonic Models:
Apoc Hedgie
Ratchet Mario

Thanks you Benjamoose for your awesome map!!

Animation by Jim Sass

Music provided by No Copyright Sounds
Unison - Translucent [NCS Release]


Thanks for watching!! :)

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