Scary 360 Roller Coaster with Sea Monsters: Virtual Reality 3D Video for VR Box, Oculus Go, Gear VR

11,366,818 03 August 2018
Category Attractions
360° version of the scary underwater virtual reality roller coaster:
you will face many sea monsters: the legendary kraken, a giant island monster and all kind of scary and dangerous sea monsters and dragons.
This is the longest, scariest and most intricate 360 underwater roller coaster 3d video that I have published on my OniricFlow VR channel:
hold on to your virtual reality viewer and be prepared to the biggest jumpscares !

If you can't watch 360 videos with your smartphone, you can find on this channel a SBS (side by side) version for all the smartphones, even the oldest:

You can view this 360 video with a virtual reality headset for smartphone like Samsung Gear VR, VR Box or any other Google CardBoard viewer.
You can also use a standalone virtual reality headset for desktop computers like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR or the new Oculus Go.

You can also watch this 360 virtual reality video without a vr device or headset:
you can rotate the point of view dragging the video wih your mouse or finger.

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