Lightning: A VR Story - 360

311,204 04 January 2019
Category Animation
After getting the light scared out of him, a little firefly named LIGHTNING must find the courage to turn his light back on to save his friend from the dangers of the forest.

Cornfed Pictures and TVORI presents: Lightning: A VR Story

Jeremy Casper - iMDb:

Andy Luiten - website:

PRODUCTION NOTES: Lightning: A VR Story is the first story of its kind - an animated film created IN virtual reality FOR virtual reality. This film was created in five months (and one day). The characters were sculpted and animated entirely in virtual reality. Our VR headset of choice is the Oculus Rift (, and our VR sculpting app of choice is Oculus Medium ( A VERY special thanks to the developers and all the team members at Tvori (, the animation app we used to animate the entirety of this film. Tvori is a 3D animation app that gives VR users (even those with little to no animation skills) the ability to jump right into making animated movies! Enjoy the film, and please share!

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