DUBAI - 8K 3D 360° VR Relaxation with Ambient Music | Meditation Oculus Quest

31,114 12 November 2019
Category Landmarks
Best view in VR Headset + headphone 🎧 for a 3D immersive experience directly on Oculus Quest:
Destination - the famed city of Dubai, UAE. This video will take you to some of the most iconic areas throughout the city. Starting at sunrise of the Atlantis The Palm Dubai, we flying over the desert, land on a beautiful beach overlooking Burj Al Arab Hotel. We then visit a small local mosque and take a 360 peaceful moment in downtown Dubai. We then hop on a Jet Ski and enjoy the adventure life of Dubai. After enjoying the breath-taking sunset at Atlantis hotel, we head over to the Dubai Mall to watch the Burj Khalifa Fountain Show. We end the 360VR travel experience overlooking the Dubai city at night.
Get ready to travel through Dubai in a way that you have never seen before!

For the best 3D VR ASMR experience of this "sights and sounds" series, please watch it on YouTube VR using Oculus Quest or Oculus Go.

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