360° VR Beaches of Maui Island, Hawaii - 5K Nature Video - Short Preview

17,107 15 January 2020
Category Landmarks
Hawaii is home to hundreds of beaches, each with its own set of unique and beautiful nature masterpieces. Explore one of the best beach destinations at the Maui Island, Hawaii, and relax by its fascinating nature scenery. Watch this 5K VR 360° 2 – MIN trailer and spectate relaxing views of the white sandy beach, picturesque sky, lovely green plants, wonderful palms, rocks of different sizes and shapes, calm and majestic ocean from different angles every time you look around. Feel the ocean breeze, and listen to the original sound of the water splashing, and birds chirping at the beach. Get inspired by the tranquil ambiance of the place, and admire the beauty of picturesque Hawaii!

Video From: Maui Island, Hawaii, USA
Video Resolution: 5K VR 360°
Equipment used: Insta360 One X Camera
Video Type: short preview video
Filmmaker: Roman Khomlyak
Editor: Nik Vasiliev

Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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Benefit from watching this 5K VR 360-degree short preview video:

Explore beautiful area of Hawaiian beaches with the ability of changing the viewing angle yourself.

Enjoy your best relaxation times by immersing yourself into the peaceful paradise for those seeking natural pure relaxation.

Observe an exciting nature at different places every time you look around.

Visit places you always wanted to see without leaving your home.

For a more enjoyable experience, watch this 5K VR 360-degree scenic drive video in a headset (like Oculus, Gear VR).

Watch it on your:

= Smartphone: You can watch them in the YouTube app on your smartphone. Just move your phone around or use your fingers.

= Desktop/ Laptop: click and change the view by dragging your mouse or using keyboard shortcuts. You no longer need to go on a long road trip, you can relax and enjoy it on your device.

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